About Me

nick_aI’m a Brussels-based journalist who keeps sane while supplementing his main income by writing about his passion – music. By day, it’s all current affairs and business (sometimes with a little sport thrown in).

By night, it’s often over-priced, flat beer in smoky rooms with small stages or over-priced, flat beer in large auditoriums with big stages. At times, it’s pokey backstage rooms filled with massive egos; at others, it’s leather-couched luxury with surprisingly affable rock gods. In other words, the nine-to-five allows me to work the eight-to-three.

If, by any chance, these articles entertain or even impress you, feel free to leave your details. If you are an editor of a magazine who needs a rock journalist and who has a lot of spare budget to throw in said rock journo’s direction, I may even get back to you. If you’re not – thanks for sharing.

Nick Amies.


5 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi Nick,

    I stumbled upon your interview with Mikel Jollett by mere accident and thought “Oh my god! This is one of the best interviews I have read in a while”. I really enjoyed the way you approached Mikel, and as I read, I could almost feel the connection. You were great! and Mikel’s replies really told me alot about who he is. Thank you for that.

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